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Heritage is a gated, adult community with energy efficient homes in a maintenance-free environment

Are you tired of paying high POA and HOA fees?

Are you tired of paying high POA and HOA fees

  • Low Maintenance Fee, only $150/month
  • Newly Completed Homes For Sale Now
  • Quiet, Peaceful, Built Around Nature
  • Natural Gas, County Water & Sewer
  • 55+ Community Saves $ on Impact Fees
  • Large Lots, Over 50% conservation area
  • We'll finance your lot, pay just 10K down
  • 0% interest up to 3 years
  • Must pay taxes and $200/qtr HOA fees
  • Of 70 lots, only 20 left for sale
  • We invite you to meet our builders
  • Homes for long term lease, or lease with
    option to buy available

Energy Star Partner

A Commitment to Energy Efficient Homes

The Heritage Community joins Progress Energy in the Energy Efficient New Home Construction Program, Home Advantage. The NEW Tratition model recently built at Hertiage has receivied an Energy Star Certification.

It all started with the Spring 2010 Parade of Homes by the Citrus County Builders Association when Heritage was awarded an “Exceptional Energy Award” by Florida Public Utility and Central Florida Gas. Then in July 2010 Heritage was awarded the prestigious AURORA Award for “Best Natural Gas Residential Development”.


The AURORA Awards are the Grammy's of the home building profession. The AURORA symbolizes tremendous achievement, honor, and distinction among building industry professionals.

The 31st Annual AURORA Awards program is affiliated with the Florida Home Builders Association and the Southeast Building Conference – one of two regional trade shows recognized by and affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders.

AURORA Awards are presented annually to outstanding builders, planners, architects, developers, designers, interior merchandisers and other housing-related professionals located throughout the Southeastern United States. Tom Chancey, the developer at Heritage is very proud to receive the AURORA award this year.

Tom Chancey's commitment to environmentalism and conservation is not new. Prior to developing the “nature concept” at Heritage, Tom also developed Arbor Lakes, a 130 acre residential community on the shores of Lake Tsala Apopka. Anyone familiar with Arbor Lakes knows that the residents enjoy a peaceful coexistence with nature and the surrounding wildlife. Much of the original Cypress trees, ancient oaks and tall palms were left untouched along the 20 acres of waterfront property, choosing instead to make it into a park for all residents to enjoy.

The concept at Heritage is similar, but without the Lake. The streets at Heritage wind around the rolling hills and under the beautiful shaded canopy of moss covered oaks. There is even a half mile nature trail through a partially wooded area within the community.

Tom Chancey has taken this philosophy, and his respect for nature to the next logical step which is to build homes that themselves help to preserve the environment by offering energy efficiency and employing “green” building materials.


Sealed Ductwork
Radiant Barrier

A Home Advantage new home with Energy Star rating is truly efficient because Progress Energy representatives actually work side by side with the builders at Heritage to design and build homes that will save energy and make your new home more affordable.

The Home Advantage Energy Saver homes at Heritage are built with a focus on the air conditioning duct system and use a mastic sealant on all joints and connections. This ensures that your new home has a tighter system that won't waste energy through air leakage. A heat pump is also required in a Home Advantage home, to keep your family comfortable and your energy costs down year round.

In addition, your new Energy Star home at Heritage will have a radiant roof barrier and R-30 attic insulation as opposed to the minimum required R-19 by the Florida Energy Code. This greatly increases the energy efficiency of your home, thus saving you money on your electric bill.

The Energy Star Homes program is based on the concept that monthly utility bill savings can significantly exceed the small increase in your initial investment or monthly mortgage payment for extra energy efficient materials in your home.

Residents at Heritage, living in an Energy Star Home have the potential to receive numerous advantages, including:

Improved Comfort

Homes with additional insulation and advanced low-E windows feel more comfortable because wall surface temperatures are warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Tighter homes with efficient windows will not experience annoying drafts and airborne dust. Energy Star homes can be much quieter because of better insulated walls and ducts with properly sized mechanical systems.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

When Energy Star homes are tested for air leakage, homeowners are assured that adequate ventilation is being provided. Homes with better-sealed ducts will be much less exposed to potential sources of indoor air pollutants, dust and radon gases that could enter through leaks in attics, basements and garages.

Quality Construction

Energy Star homes are more tightly sealed and have greater attention paid to many important construction details. High-efficiency heat pumps and furnaces may include quality features beyond improved performance, for example, higher-grade heat exchangers, fans, motors and longer-term warranties.

Higher Resale Value

Energy Star homes are more likely to boast up-to-date building technologies, and therefore, offer less risk of technology obsolescence. They may also offer high-efficiency appliances and lighting and can develop a track record of low utility bills. These benefits can translate into higher resale values when it's time to sell.

Benefits of Natural Gas

Heritage is one of only a few Natural Gas communities in Citrus County. Natural gas has long been a favorite with homeowners.

It's clean...Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels and is simply the best energy choice for the environment, inside and outside your home.

It's domestic...99% of the gas we use comes from North America. Increased use of natural gas can reduce our dependence on oil imported from the Middle East.

It's economical...Natural gas appliances are virtually maintenance-free and that means additional savings.

It's efficient...When the entire cycle of producing, processing, transporting and using energy is considered, natural gas is delivered to you with a "total energy efficiency" of about 90%. Moreover, gas appliances and equipment are extremely efficient.

It's multi-purpose...It can heat your entire home, make your hot water, dry your clothes and help you cook your meals, in the oven or on the barbecue grill.

It's dependable...You never have to worry about weather, delivery schedules or running out.

*All information above deemed accurate July 2010. Building codes and energy ratings are subject to change.

Aurora Award Winner 2010